We know all about tribology

Through our extensive work with clients from a wide range of industries – including marine, offshore, energy, manufacturing, defence, process, mining and construction – we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge about tribology and gained a unique insight into how it is affecting not only the environment, but also the efficiency and profitability of many businesses.

What is tribology?

Tribology is the study of interaction between sliding surfaces, i.e. friction, wear and lubrication. Put simply, tribology is friction damage and prevention.

Friction consumes a considerable amount of all energy generated and causes wear.

Wear consumes a considerable amount of productivity and profitability, due to the need for replacement of parts and lubrication.

Lubrication prevents friction and thereby prevents wear

Detailed oil analysis

We work with some of the world’s best external laboratories to provide us with detailed oil analysis reports. These thorough and reliable content analyses – showing a breakdown of particles, water, salt, acids, resins and additives – are then studied by our skilled team of technicians to determine the best solution for each individual client.

According to a study as early as 1987, “The estimated direct and consequential annual loss to industries in the USA due to wear is approximately 1-2% of the GDP.” (Heinz, 1987).

We also carry out onsite gravimetric tests, together with representatives from our external laboratories, to identify any possible contamination. These analysis reports show a breakdown of particles and resins as small as 0.22 μ. A follow up analysis is then carried out after filtration using a Europafilter, to  demonstrate the consequent improvement.