Our expertise & quality

Over the past 30 years, we have accumulated a wealth of experience and a depth of knowledge about oils and other liquids and how they are filtered. We are constantly developing our products, in line with changes to industry standards, new technical requirements and emerging technologies. Our work with clients from a wide range of industries – including marine, offshore, energy, manufacturing, defence, process, mining and construction – provides us with new insights and helps us to further develop our knowledge, techniques and filtration systems.

Why change oil when you can keep it clean?

Our products are manufactured to the highest standards and are rigorously tested to ensure that they are of a consistently high quality. Europafilter AB is ISO 9001 certified and our state-of-the art production facility meets the highest possible standards. We are, in fact, so confident that our products are outstanding and will exceed all expectations, that we offer a 90-day money back guarantee.

The problem

Microparticles, moisture and salt cause oil to lose its lubricating qualities, leading to corrosion, additive degradation and the formation of resins and deposits. This causes mechanical parts – such as valves – to jam, seize up and become worn, which in turn leads to costly, time-consuming repair and maintenance work.

The old solution

crude oil

Much of the oil on our planet – a dwindling resource – is simply being discarded once it has become contaminated or oxidised. This is a colossal waste, particularly as oil can actually last forever. You just need to know how to clean it.

The new solution


Aegir and Hans discovered that by using a cellulose external cleaning system, they were able to filter out the harmful microparticles and moisture, thereby eliminating wear, oxidation and erosion.

How our technology works

The Europafilter cleaning system is similar to a human kidney, gradually cleaning the lubricant every time it passes through your system – until it is spotless.

Most oil filters are capable of filtering to roughly 2-5 μm, in accordance with ISO and NAS standards. However, studies have shown that 70% of the contaminants in oil are smaller than 1 μm.

Unique capillary filtration

Our unique, patented capillary filtration system is able to catch these harmful microparticles, because it filters out particles as small as 0.1 μm. Not only that, but it also filters water and salt out of the lubricant, thereby preventing oxidation and corrosion. Despite our focus being on microscopic filtration, the capacity of our system is far from microscopic. Before a replacement filter is required, the Europafilter will trap up to:

Particulates: 3000g, Test Dust ISO 12103-1 FTD
Contaminations: up to 5 000 g (field test, dependant on type of contaminations and oil type)
Water removal, free, emulsified and bound: up to 3 000 g
Test dust ISO 12103-1 FTD (mixed with 1,2 liter water): 1755 g

We are dedicated to reducing our collective impact on the environment, so it will come as no surprise that our system is entirely chemical-free. The Europafilter has been designed to help the environment stay as fresh and productive as your oil