EF 2100 Oil cleaning system

Water and solid contaminants are very effectively removed out from the oil with the EF2100 oil cleaning systems.

The EF2100 Oil Cleaning Systems (OCS) are offline units which means that a small amount of oil is taken from a tank or continuously bypassed from a main ring line, cleaned in the OCS and then returned as clean oil into the oil system/machine concerned.

The OCS are individual circuits and will not affect any functions in the concerned oil system/machine. The standard cleaning systems consist of 1-6 cleaning housings which are connected in parallel.

Oil volume and viscosity decides the number of housings needed for a proper cleaning efficiency. Each system consist of motor with pump, oil sample valve before and after/bleed valve, drain valve, pressure gauge and armoured hydraulic hoses. The components are mounted on a steel plate.


Oil Heating belt, support legs, visual flow indication, flow control incl. Display with alarm functions, 3phase motor, replacement of motor & pump by pressure reducing valve, air pump, non-return valve or systems for ATEX directive.

Technical data:

(Measure & weight depends on options).
If your system is in our common standard there is specific information about it in a brochure outset of this manual.


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