E-Co is one of Norway´s leading energy producers, and the second biggest producer of hydropower in Norway. They have an annual production of 9,7 TWh and a production capacity of approximate 2 800 MW.

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Turbine regulators



Problems with operational reliability

E-CO used to have 15 Bar turbine regulator facilities from the sixties. In which they had problems with a sticky brown varnish layer causing the regulator to hang. This resulted in operational unreliability f the water turbine regulator.

The facilities had t be frequently reassembled, and parts belonging to the water turbine regulator had to be cleaned continuously.


An installation Europafilters offline filtration circuits.
In 2000–2003, 13 offline filtration circuits with Europafilters were installed on new 100 Bar turbine regulators. E-CO then installed an additional Europafilter unit on a 145 Bar water turbine regulator. In addition, two mobile filtration units from Europafilter are used when new oil is being added to the storage and also when the oil reservoir of the dam hatches needs to be cleaned.


Operational reliability and financial savings
E-CO is very satisfied with the solution. Since the first offline filtration installation, there have been no problems with operational unreliability due to particle, water or varnish contamination within the hydraulic system. The filters are now changed with an interval of approximately 3 years. A reduction in oil and full flow filter consump- tion and better working conditions with the inline filters also came as a direct result of considerably improved oil quality.

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