ABB Ludvika, manufacture of transformers

Contact: Tord larsson


Hydraulic machine for cutting of transformer steel sheets
Fabricate: Heinrich Georg GmbH
Build Year: 1992
Oil volume: 1300 liters.
Mobil NUTO HP 46 cSt oil


The brown, black and sticky coating caused the valve to hang
Coating on the pilot slid caused trouble with operational reliability on the transformer sheet cutter. A brown, black and sticky coating caused the valve to hang and malfunction. A service technician from Heinrich Georg GmbH was contacted and tried to tune the system but the trouble continued. The hydraulic oil was changed but the problems still continued.


An installation of Europafilter ́s offline filtration unit
A standard Europafilter offline oil cleaner unit, with only one filter unit, was assembled to the oil reservoir. The oil cleaning process proceeded continuously during full production.


Hydraulic problems are gone
After a couple of days the trouble with the hydraulic system was gone and it has not appeared again since. The table under shows the results of oil analysis, after installation the Europafilter oil cleaning system. The analysis is performed by “VP diagnose/Västerås PetroleumKemi AB” oil lab. Results speak for it selves.

Contamination in the oil, mg/pr.100ml.
Measure made: 30/12 2004,   11/01 2005 and 28/02 2005
Mech. contamination 1,9 ->  0,4 ->  0,2
Chem. contamination 0,5 ->  0,2 ->  <0,1
Tot. Contamination 2,4 ->  0,6 ->  0,2

“The description of how the filter works and how it had solved similar problems in other fields, sounded so good that we did not really believe it. Still we decided to test it and since the Europafilter system has been cleaning the hydraulic system it has worked”

says tord larsson, production manager of this machine at abb.

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